About Rosalyn Johnson


Dr. Rosalyn Johnson, a licensed Therapist in Florida & Georgia, understands the demands of modern life. That is why she offers evening appointments, ensuring her services are accessible to all.

Dr. Johnson is a kind and compassionate therapist with over ten years of clinical experience in outpatient and inpatient behavioral healthcare settings in South Florida, Central Florida, and Northeast Florida. She has a wealth of knowledge and is highly recommended for her expert counseling skills in treating adolescents and adults. Rosalyn specializes in using a person-centered, humanistic approach and will work with her clients to find the best course of treatment. She specializes in many treatment modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), solution-focused therapy & Psychodynamic therapies.

Dr. Johson is excellent at treating social anxiety, work stress, and other life-balancing problems. She also offers a unique perspective to assist with everyday struggles that may prevent achieving life goals.

Rosalyn has evening virtual appointments available. Please take advantage of having Dr Rosalyn Johnson as your CBT therapist without interfering with your daytime routine. Call today for an appointment!

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